About WDPO

World Drone Pilots Organisation (WDPO) is non-commercial organisation established to represent the interest of drone pilots. WDPO has defined its role as follows:

  • harmonisation and standardisation the process of issuing permission for flying UAV/RPAS arround the world
  • Authorisation of RPAS/UAV World Records
  • activities for rescue and civil protection,
  • activities in the field of assistance to victims of catastrophes, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars at home and abroad
  • Cooperation with law-making bodies

The WDPO as an umbrella organization for drone operators, training centers, drones and drones will counterbalance official bodies such as EuroCAE (WG73, WG93) Jarus, DG Move, whose task is to create legal regulations. The situation in which the regulations are made by high European officials is dangerous to the industry because it could lead to barriers that prevent further development of drones in Europe and in the world.

The WDPO will issue licenses for drones with entries reflecting their competences. Licenses will print serial number and QR code, which will allow you to find the operator in the online database. This will allow you to verify your rights. The WDPO website will include a map of companies from the drones industry. Entries will be made by interested parties after prior verification.