The quality certificate is issued to entities providing drone services based on the highest standards while maintaining the highest level of safety.

The quality certificate for a company conducting business using drone requires submitting the following documents for verification:

  • Company registration document
  • Operating manual
  • Registration of drones
  • Scan of drone pilots license
  • Insurance


Regulations applicable to the holders of the WDPO quality certificate

  1. A company that has a WDPO quality certificate is required to:
    1. Conducting activities with the highest standards in terms of safety, respect for the law and maintaining the principles of fair competition.
    2. Ensuring a high level of training of its employees, in particular in the field of aviation law and knowledge necessary to operate drones
    3. Inform appropriate services when detecting practices involving the use of drones for illegal purposes - eg terrorist attack
  2. Obtaining the WDPO quality certificate authorizes you to use the "WDPO QUALITY" mark.
  3. WDPO quality certificate may be suspended or withdrawn in case of violation of the regulations.
  4. An entity that has a WDPO quality certificate is obliged to present upon WDPO's request all documents confirming the implementation of the WDPO quality policy.
  5. WDPO will make every effort to ensure that all entities covered by the WDPO quality certificate in a manner worthy representing the "WDPO QUALITY" mark.