One license for the whole world - this is one of the main postulates of the World Drone Pilots. Our goal is to unify the rules for issuing drone pilots license and to bring them to a state when once a license is issued in any country will be valid in every other country in the world. Steps required to achieve this:

unify the permissions defining the scope of skills held by the drone operator
equal the level of knowledge for individual entitlements
develop a license template
WDPO is working on the above items. First, We developed a table of permissions for drone pilots and a license look. Draft of international license:

How to get a license:

  1. Register your account at Register now
  2. Complete your data required to obtain a license - remember to enter authentic data, which will be verified in subsequent stages.
  3. Book a theoretical and practical exam and issue a license from your user panel.
  4. Take the theory test
  5. Pass the practical test by the WDPO examiner
  6. Get your free license in electronic version
  7. Collect your license in the form of a plastic card.


ATTENTION! The WDPO license is not an aviation right within the meaning of aviation law. This means that the license holder does not receive special rights. The license is a certificate of having theoretical and practical knowledge in the field corresponding to the entries in the license.