The long-awaited event is behind us – the Polish Drone Racing Drone Racing Cup in Gliwice 2022. In the area of the former Cechownia, on Sunday (June 5) at ul. Bojkowska 35a, 23 pilots from all over Poland competed against each other.

Despite the fact that it was the first event of this type in Gliwice, it gathered a large group of viewers. The Sunday weather was good and allowed everyone who came to New Gliwice that day to admire the competition of drone pilots in a picnic atmosphere. The final part was opened by Mr. Adam Neumann, Mayor of Gliwice, who emphasized that the drone industry is the future, and that Gliwice particularly supports the development of innovative companies operating in this field.

During the competition, on a specially prepared obstacle course, small rotors raced at an incredible pace. The players had to be as focused as possible to complete the next stages of the elimination.

Ultimately, after a full day of competition, the winners were selected:

1.Filip Kubiak – 28 points
2.Paweł Kowalski – 25 points
3.Kosma Skajewski 23 points
4.Piotr Szymura – 20 points
5.Antoni Daczka 19 points
6.Jarek Kuśnierz 18 points

We would like to thank all participants of the competition for their amazing emotions, and congratulations to the winners!

Drone Racing Gliwice 2022- The course of the event

Organized by WDPO together with the City of Gliwice and the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis, the event gathered numerous crowds of drone fans and people who wanted to learn more about the drone industry in Poland. All gathered, both guests and players were not disappointed! There were many attractions and amazing sports experiences on site, provided by the organizers.

Drone Racing Gliwice 2022 – Things to Do

Education zone: in this zone, everyone could get answers to bothering questions, both in terms of obtaining the authorization to fly a drone and the use of UAVs for various types of applications. The simulator stand attracted many interested adults and children who had the opportunity to independently pilot the most popular drones, participate in racing simulations and, thanks to VR goggles, admire the panorama of Gliwice from a drone flight. various models of popular drones were presented at the stand – from the amateur to the most professional. Thanks to experienced instructors, it was possible to get advice on the selection of drones depending on the pilot’s preferences. is one of the largest centers in Poland dealing with professional training related to obtaining appropriate drone licenses.

Dronpol: at the stand, you could get information on the practical and professional use of drones for all kinds of inspections, research and the latest trends in the use of drones for research, transport and in the film industry. Participants could get professional consultation on the use of the drone for commercial purposes.

The stand of the Silesian University of Technology: The High Flyers scientific circle presented its own production of BSP and provided information on the directions at the Silesian University of Technology – which is worth starting to become permanently associated with the drone and aviation industry. In addition, one of the students was in the race!

Shows: During the break between the races, the Dronpol company presented the use of UAVs for environmental protection activities on the example of an anti-smog patrol. Participants could see the course of the measurement along with an overview of the legal basis. Information on chemical compounds and substances that the drone measures with the measurement platform is also presented.

Search And Rescue rescue mission: the search for a missing person using a drone with a thermal imaging camera and a zoom camera was presented. The drone indicated the location of the missing person during the simulation of conditions when it is difficult for the emergency department to reach the injured person, and then delivered a defibrillator to the indicated place. The show was preceded by a short conversation with a paramedic who cited examples where BSP helped save people’s health and lives.

Drone Racing Gliwice 2022 – Fan Zone

In this zone, you could admire the struggles of the participants on a large screen, and during the breaks, listen to the invited guests who willingly introduced the audience to the world of drone. An FPV competitor appeared on the stage, who talked about the qualification process and the difficulties of the race track. The next topic was the issues of training and legal drone flights, about which the training manager at talked about. Before the screenings, a special guest describing the Search And Rescue training course also had a speech, and a representative of the Dronpol company conducted a conversation about the use of drones in Environmental Protection – this interview introduced the interesting Anti-Smog Drone Mission.

The event was partially broadcast live, thanks to stations such as Polsat, TVP Katowice and TVS SIlesia, which presented the highlights of the event and conducted interviews with special guests.

The CCM radio also arrived to provide the appropriate musical setting.

Many thanks to the City of Gliwice and GZM for their support during the entire event. See you at the next competition of the Polish FPV Racing Drone Cup!

Organizers: World Drone Pilots Organization, Team FailSafe
Host and co-organizer: Gliwice City Hall
Co-organizer and Strategic Partner: Metropolia GZM
Partners: Gliwice Science and Technology Center CECHOWNIA,, DronPol, LTA Design
Patrons:, Polish Aero Club

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