Drone Racing 2022

Drone Racing 2022 is a series of races in the Polish Cup series organized by the WDPO and held in Poland in 2022. Each race takes place in different city and the crowning event will be the Polish Drone Racing Championship, where the squad will be selected to represent Poland in competitions abroad.

What is FPV drones?

First Person View, or FPV – Drone Racing, is a sport discipline where drone operators have to control drones equipped with cameras, using special glasses that show live camera images of drones. The goal is to complete the prescribed distance as quickly as possible. The drone race started in Germany in 2011 and FPV (First Person View) means that pilots only see what the drone sees.

Relation of event in national media.

Drone Racing 2022- what next?

That’s not the end! As an organizer we are planing races around the Poland, where we will select the main winner who will represent the country at the international championships!

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