We offer various types of events related to the development of the drone industry in Poland and the promotion of education in this topic. We organize demonstrations of drone missions (e.g. rescue drone, measurement drone), education zones, drone flight simulators, drone races, drone exhibitions as well as conferences, meetings, training sessions, workshops and others. Get to know us and join the world of drones!

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World Drone Pilots Organization

World Drone Pilots Organization offers comprehensive services regarding the broadly understood drone industry. We operate throughout the country, our staff are licensed drone pilots, we have a license of the Polish Aeroclub to organize shows and competitions. We are also the organizer of the Polish F9U 2022 Racing Drone Cup series and the F9U 2022 Polish Championship. Our offer includes both demonstrations and presentations of various types of drones and their applications, training, conferences, flight simulators, workshops, video broadcasts. The WDPO organization also has a license from the Polish Aeroclub to organize shows and competitions with the participation of drones.

Working with the leading Partners of the drone industry in Poland, we can offer participation in the events of professional pilots and equipment from the leading drone manufacturers in the world.


 Polish Championship – Drone Racing Gliwice

On November 25, the Polish FPV Racing Drone Championships took place in the Gliwice Arena, during which the three best drone pilots were selected. It was the first competition on such a large scale, where the audience could admire the racetrack illuminated in LED technology. Thanks to the big screen located in the hall, the viewers had the opportunity to watch shots from cameras placed on drones. In the break between the races, a conference devoted to the broadly understood aviation industry was held. After the final race, Paweł Laszczak, Antoni Daczka and Filip Kubiak stood on the podium. The entire event was broadcast LIVE on the Youtube platform and stations such as: Radio CCM, TVP3, TVS appeared at the event to interview participants and report on the entire event.

Drone Racing Krakow

The Drone Racing F9U Kraków 2022 competition took place on August 28 at Krakowskie Błonia, and in addition to fighting for victory during the Drone Racing F9U Kraków 2022, an Education Zone was organized in the event area, where DRON.edu.pl instructors provided information about drones and training needed for pilotage . Despite the deterioration of the weather conditions, the final races were held and the winner of the race emerged. Kosma Skajewski won the Polish Cup and a special prize funded by DRON.edu.pl, which became a partner of the entire event.

Drone Racing Czeladź

On July 24, 2022, another Polish Cup event took place, this time in Czeladź, at the K.S. Piaski Miner. 24 players from all over Poland signed up for the competition, including Paweł Laszczak and Bartłomiej Laszczak, who took part in The World Games in the United States. Ultimately, the first place was won by Paweł Laszczak, Antoni Daczka and Filip Kubiak were also on the podium. This time, the Drones24info portal took care of media support.

The Third Dimension of Cities – World Urban Forum 2022

As part of the World Urban Forum 2022 in Katowice, we co-organised the final of the GZM-Droniade under the motto “Third Dimension of Cities” with the participation of guests from all over the world. Our task was to plan and organize the entire event in terms of content and technology. We invited partners and drone companies to participate, there were many performances, lectures, debates on stage and the whole thing was streamed live. There were also drone exhibitions, drone flight simulators and drone racing demonstrations. The event was organized by Metropolia GZM and the Mikromakro Institute. By using the area of Muchowiec Airport, which was active during the event, an additional challenge for us was to coordinate the drone flights with the airport operator and the air rescue service in our neighbourhood.

Drone Racing Gliwice 2022 – Polish Cup

The Polish Cup is a series of drone races fpv organized by us. The first race of the Polish Cup took place in Gliwice under the name Drone Racing Gliwice 2022. In cooperation with the authorities of the city of Gliwice, the GZM Metropolis and with the participation of partners and sponsors, we organised a day dedicated exclusively to drones. The event was based on fights by pilots from all over Poland on a specially prepared race track, but in addition there were a lot of attractions waiting for the participants. Numerous demonstrations of drone applications, including environmental protection, rescue and transport, took place on the day. Guests could admire the panorama of Gliwice from a bird’s eye view, fly the simulator and enjoy the camera view of a racing drone wearing special glasses. That was the first event of its kind in Poland. The event took place on the beautiful grounds of “Cechownia Gliwice”. The whole thing was broadcast live on the net and the media support was provided by TVN24, Polsat, TVP, TVS, Radio CCM and Drones24. info.

Harmony and Assured Workshop – WUF’11

We are the organizer of two workshops on the drone industry, which took place as part of the World Urban Forum WUF’11. “Conditions for drones in cities – social acceptance” and “Drones 2050. What went wrong” are the topics of the workshops for which we technically prepared the space and, in fact, we conducted presentations and work in groups. The workshops were bilingual and the participants of the online workshops were also foreign guests for whom the content was translated into English by a booth interpreter. Conclusions from the work of foreign groups were presented using special applications and made available on a large screen.

Together in the fight for clean air in the Beskidy Mountains

Together with the “Oddychaj Beskidami” Foundation, we organised a conference in Ustroń in September 2021 entitled “Together in the Fight for Clean Air in the Beskidy Mountains ” Ecological awareness is extremely important in times where the environment has a direct impact on our health, therefore the topic of the conference was to reduce the emission of harmful compounds in the air. We were responsible for the technical implementation of this event, and the conference itself was held under the patronage of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, the main construction site inspector, the starost of the Cieszyn poviat and the mayor of the city of Ustroń. Media support was provided by TVP3, TVS and Drones24.info