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World Drone Pilots Organization

The World Drone Pilots Organization offers comprehensive services regarding the broadly understood drone industry. We operate throughout the country, our staff are licensed drone pilots, we have a license of the Polish Aeroclub to organize shows and competitions. We are also the organizer of the Polish F9U 2022 Racing Drone Cup series and the F9U 2022 Polish Championship. Our offer includes both demonstrations and presentations of various types of drones and their applications, training, conferences, flight simulators, workshops, video broadcasts. The WDPO organization also has a license from the Polish Aeroclub to organize shows and competitions with the participation of drones.
Working with the leading Partners of the drone industry in Poland, we can offer participation in the events of professional pilots and equipment from the leading drone manufacturers in the world.

Drone Demo Day

Racing Drone FPV

Event z dronami Konferencje Streaming

Dronowe Centra Szkoleniowo Monitorujące

About US

The World Drone Pilots Organization promotes the development of the drone industry in Poland. Through our activities, we try to educate future pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles to develop their passions related to flying drones and move in the airspace in a conscious, safe and legal manner. We are the organizer of many events such as sports competitions, conferences, shows, during which we present various possibilities of using drones in our environment and bring participants closer to the amazing world of drones. All our activities are aimed at uniting drone pilots, building a community where they can exchange experiences, give opportunities to compete during organized drone competitions and build a positive image of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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