The long-awaited event – GZM Droniada Final Fri. The “Third Dimension of Cities” was held at the Muchowiec airport on Wednesday (June 29). Many interesting shows, stands and the opportunity to listen to interviews with experts in the field of drone awaited the guests.

The Third Dimension of Cities is an event that aims to promote drone technologies that can be used in cities and presentations of the positions of institutions specializing in the drone industry. During the event, there were debates, meetings with city representatives and dynamic shows with the use of drones.

Droniada GZM “The Third Dimension of Cities” – The course of the event

Many interesting shows awaited the participants of the event and the present guests, including a search and rescue action show with the use of drones, during which the search for a missing person was presented using a drone with a thermal imaging camera and a zoom camera. The drone showed the place of the missing person during the simulation of conditions when it is difficult for the emergency department to reach the injured person and will deliver a defibrillator to the scene of the accident.

The next show was presented by the Dronpol company. It was a demonstration of a drone for measuring smog, i.e. anti-smog missions, which are often carried out in the Silesian metropolis in the so-called heating period. A measurement mission with the use of drones equipped with the most modern sensors that can detect the burning of waste and other substances not approved for thermal processing in installations not intended for this purpose was presented. For each measurement session, Dronpol provides a geo-report documenting the actions taken.

Presentation of the MapAir system – a system developed by LTA Design as part of a research and development project co-financed by EU funds. The system used a network of sensors to create a three-dimensional air map. The show presented the so-called a swarm of six drones that have located hotspots, i.e. places where air poisoning occurs.

On stage, conversations with experts took place, thanks to which many people could gain knowledge on topics related to:

  • The future of medical drone services in cities, moderated by Marcin Dziekański, Sławomir Huczała, Joanna Zębala Sławomir Strzykowski, Tomasz Motyl. During the Debate, issues such as: special use, Search and Rescue campaigns and medical drone transport from the perspective of drone market participants were presented.
  • Drones as a tool for environmental protection, moderated by Dr. Michał Jaśniok, Dariusz Wójtowicz, mayor of the city of Mysłowice, nadbryg. dr inż. Mariusz Feltynowski, Mariusz Sumara, Zbigniew Gorol. Thanks to their experience, representatives of law enforcement services had the opportunity to express their observations and views on the use of drones in the environment.
  • Debate in English, attended by: Jacek Woźnikowski, Sandra Melo, Biuro Rozwoju Miasta, Teresa Lublińska. The debate was aimed at describing the barriers to the development of drone services in cities.

After the shows, the final of the GZM Droniad took place, i.e. the announcement of the results and the awarding of prizes. This year’s edition was attended by 9 teams that struggled in various categories. Ultimately, the High Flyers band from Gliwice won the 1st place. Congratulations on winning!

The airport hosted dynamic and static shows of companies such as: Under Ant, BZB UAS, ILOT, Sopockie WOPR, Flytronic, Farada,, Spartaqs, Dronpol, Aviation Project, Silesian University of Technology, LTA Design, Aeromind. Companies presented their positions and drone solutions!

Many thanks to the organizers of the event: Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia, Instytut Mikromakro and World Drone Pilots Organization for their support during the entire event.