One license for entire world

WDPO run a campaign aimed at standardizing the processes of issuing permits to perform drone flights. One of our main assumptions is to bring about a situation where a license acquired in one country will be valid in every other country in the world. We present you the project of international license which contains all necessary information to determine whether a given person has qualifications. Our license includes a photo, so there is no need to  present it with an ID document.

The license has its own individual number and an individual QR code - they allow you to quickly find the license holder in the online database to confirm your rights. The license is secured by a hologram with an individual number. Information about the authorizations held is contained in a transparent table that maps the division into mass categories and the level of qualifications where:

level 0 - amateur level, is issued to candidates who are able to fly flights in a safe way for non-commercial purposes (hobby or sport).

Level 1 - proffesional level VLOS - is issued to candidates who have acquired theoretical and practical skills for commercial flights only in line of sight

Level 2 - proffesional level BVLOS - is issued to candidates who have acquired theoretical and practical skills to perform commercial flights Beyond Visual Line of of Sight

Level 3 - instructor level - qualifications issued to instructors allow for conducting trainings.

The information provided in the table is supplemented with the website of the candidate, on which you can verify the validity of your permissions and check whether it has medical certificate or an insurance policy.

The license is issued in the form of a plastic card and its electronic equivalent in the form of a PDF file that can be downloaded for mobline devices



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