We invite you to the Droniada

Droniada is a training ground where engineers can present their solutions to users and potential investors in practice.  WDPO is a partner of this event.

Presentation of ways to detect brands and colors of vehicles on the move
Checking the concept of universal, standardized mechanisms of cargo transfer (cargo)
Display of operating DTM and UTM systems under U-Space in drone flight applications for crisis management and infrastructure inspection.
Stimulating the digital economy through the presentation of drones as elements of complex IoT (Internet of Things) systems.
Droniada is a testing ground verifying the possibilities of unmanned systems based on specific needs that can become the basis for innovative products or services in the field of crisis management and geoinformation.
The competition will be attended by four-person academic teams that can combine knowledge from robotics, ICT, geoinformation, electronics and aviation. The contest itself is planned to check the current and potential capabilities of unmanned systems in delivering real value to the end user.

During the Dronada, we will check the WDPO drones registration system, which generates a unique QR code for each unmanned aircraft. We invite all participants

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